A $15,840 success!

On Sunday, November 8, 2015, the Associazione Maria SS. di Costantinopoli di Castelgrande in Montreal held its annual fundraising event – “Cavatelli fatti con cuore alla Castelgrandese” at Buffet Amiens in St-Leonard. Over forty volunteers started the day in the early hours of the morning preparing the cavatelli that we would eat later on during the banquet.

The banquet was a huge success. Over 300 guests were in attendance! And, in the end, we raised a total of $15,840 for the Montreal General Hospital Foundation! The money will go directly to the Department of Radiation Oncology’s MRI Brachytherapy Program. The Brachytherapy Program is specially designed to treat women’s cervical and uterine cancers.

The funds raised will be used for the purchase of the brachytherapy applicator set Dr. Joanne Alfieri and her team will use at the Cedars Cancer Centre.

On December 9, 2015, members of the Executive Committee presented the check to Dr. Alfieri and to the Montreal General Hospital Foundation.

A BIG thank you to all our donors and volunteers!

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